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The Most Unique Gift on Earth!

    Have you ever seen one of those movies or shows on buried or sunken treasure and wondered what it would be like to be able to find your own secret wealth?  Well now you can!

    Finally, you can give a gift that can increase in value by over 100 times!  That's right, you can give an exclusive Treasure Chest full of gems and ancient coins.  And the great thing is that once these treasures are cleaned, your friend, colleague, relative (or whoever) may find themselves wealthy.  

    Yes, in this box you will find ancient Roman coins.  There may be gold or silver coins.  They may be extremely rare.  No one has any idea until they are carefully and professionally cleaned.  Maybe you'll end up keeping this for yourself and never giving it away...I won't tell...I did the same thing.

    In this box, you will also find emeralds and rubies.  And in some Chests, I've even thrown in some other gems, but I'm not telling what they are.  Some *might* be amethyst or quartz or garnet.  This is also part of the surprise.  I can promise one thing: They are all real.  There are rough emeralds (small and large) and rough ruby shards (broken off larger samples) and larger rubies in every box.  How much is it really worth?  Well, a "AAA" grade emerald (a "medium" green) at three millimeters in diameter can bring in over $800!  That's just about the same size as the width of a pencil lead and some of these rough gems are almost one inch in who may already be rich!  

    In each box, I've also included an artifact from the 16th-17th century.  Some may contain musket balls, some boxes contain medieval thimbles and there's even a small buckle in one box.  All to keep the mystique of a true Treasure Chest.  You never quite know what's in there.

And to give your treasure a nice foundation, I have chosen to include garnet sand as a base.  The amount may vary a little, but it's somewhere in the neighborhood 100-125 carats of garnet sand!  Just the most beautiful shade of natural purple you've ever seen.

    The first Treasure Chest I ever made was about seven years ago.  I gave it to my Mother.  She loved it.  Everything was interesting and unique.  Everything was a surprise within a surprise.  Once cleaned, there were even more surprises.  I don't want to suggest that every box is filled with incredible riches, but hey, you never know.  If I knew the precise value of every gem, coin and artifact, I would probably never let them go.

    Professional services are available all over the United States and abroad to help you clean and cut your gems.  Search for "lapidary" services on or check with your local jeweler.  You can also search for Roman Coins price guides or search for "numismatics" on any search engine.  The research can also be quite fun as you find more and more information on your treasures.

    I will make one more promise:  If you are not satisfied with your order, I will refund your full amount (minus shipping costs).  All you have to do is (1) send me an e-mail telling me you are not satisfied and (2) have the item returned to me within fourteen days.  That's it.  But once you've cleaned or cut or made any alterations to any of the items in the box, I cannot accept any returns.

To be quit truthful, yes, I would like you to bid on the auction.  But even more so, this is really incredibly unique and the stones are quite beautiful. 

The large Treasure Chests contain at least 1 single piece (about 25 grams) of silver ore vein rock, 2 "large" emeralds, one artifact, 4 "medium" emeralds, 5 "small" emeralds, 3 rubies, five Roman coins (uncleaned and unpicked), 4 natural pearls, 100 carats of garnet sand and some additional gems.

The medium Treasure Chests contain at least 1 "large" emeralds, one artifact, 4 "medium" emeralds, 5 "small" emeralds, 3 rubies, 3 Roman coins (uncleaned and unpicked), 3 natural pearls, 100 carats of garnet sand and some additional gems.

The small treasure chest contains at least 1 "large" emeralds, one artifact, 2 "medium" emeralds, 3 "small" emeralds, 3 rubies, 2 Roman coins (uncleaned and unpicked), 2 natural pearls, 100 carats of garnet sand and some additional gems.