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The Best Tiny White Sparkly Diamonds

It's not every day you find diamonds for 2 cents a piece. Well today you are in luck. These are real genuine diamonds. Why the low price? Hundreds are sold at a time and they are small in size. They average 0.005 carats each. They are about 0.7-1.0mm across. You are going to need a magnify glass to appreciate all the details in these stones. There are many natural diamond shapes, and fancy colors in this parcel. In the top part of the photo, are the best 100 out of a random sample of 1000. As you can see, there are perfect white octahedron shapes in this parcel. Even though they have not been cut, they are very sparkly, especially if you pick out the best ones like I did in the photo. By the way, that sample of 1000 would cost you only $20, a super deal! My supplier has been selling these diamonds on eBay for over a year now, but he's not doing it anymore (I stepped in to help), so be sure to check his feedback for proof that people love them!

As you can see from the enlarged pictures, these diamonds have all kinds of different and interesting natural features.

Since this is a dutch auction you can buy 50 or all 5000 of the diamonds, or any number in between! They make great gifts for kids. If you know a science teacher, they could give each child in the class many diamonds! These are great for mineral study. You would be amazed at the number of letters my supplier has received with apple logo (teacher) stationery, or school district checks! I have even college professors that get the stones for their classes. At that level they do endless tests on the diamonds, it captivates the students to have a real diamond to work with.

Your friends will think you are nuts when you have your kids gluing genuine diamonds to construction paper! You can use them in craft projects just like you would beads or glitter. Given the price, these are popular with jewelry students, but these are too small to set. What else have people done with these? One put them into the paint on her custom guitar. They have found their way into many mineral collections. A few people are building mineral kits with them. They're quite mystical indeed and the ideas are endless.

Being that I sell so many of these, I am able to let them go for a low price, with plenty of room left for you to resell them. Customers sell the diamonds at flea markets for 2 to 10 times what they paid for them. Stores successfully give them to customers as a promotion, "Free diamonds just for walking in the door!"

These are beautiful gems. I give an even mix of diamonds for each order. Sorry, I cannot take any requests, as that would not be fair to others. This is a dutch auction you can bid on 50 diamonds or all 5000 of them or any number in between.

 Complete your collection! All of the gems offered are the genuine article. No alterations, or treatments have been applied to them.  If you are not satisfied there is a 100%, 30 day money back guarantee.

Please feel free to call/e-mail me with any additional questions that you might have about the item/items listed. Please be sure to make all
inquiries regarding this item Before you place a bid. I do not want any surprises, as I'm sure you do not as well.

Payment: I accept money orders, checks, and credit cards though, Billpoint(eBay Payments), and For PayPal you can use my email. If payment by check or e-check, item ships when the check clears. Shipping:  Total fixed shipping and handling is $3.90, and will never cost more then $3.90 in the US, or $5.90 international. You can combine all your winning items and bids from this, or any other auction I am running all for the same low total of $3.90. If you were to buy everything I have on eBay, shipping would still be $3.90. Insurance is included in this price.
Guarantee: If you are not satisfied there is a 100%, 30 day money back guarantee. Condition: You are always free to e-mail me at with any questions regarding these items as I am very flexible.